Issue #1: January 1, 2018
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Peer Support Mentorship Program
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Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers: The Most Booked Restaurant In The U.S. 5 Years Running.


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Physics Homework Help

Level Up Reality

Levelup Reality takes you beyond the limits of reality into a rich immersive experience where you can connect with others while engaging all of your senses. Offering virtual reality in Toronto, we have many single and multiplayer experiences in a variety of genres such as adventure, shooters, action, escape rooms, short films, etc. This entertainment is well-suited to be enjoyed solo, with friends, families, groups, or parties. Come level up your reality today! Here are some of the many experiences you can get immersed in at Levelup Reality:

  • Become a soldier: Duck behind cover, alternate between ballistic weapons, and fend off enemies.
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  • Explore the deep sea: Dive into the ocean and interact with exotic aquatic creatures.
  • And many more genres such as adventure, action, escape rooms, short films, etc…

The Team
Sunny Wang
Crystal Lin
Treasurer of Funding
Anika Chowdhury
Bushra Ahmed

What We Do

This club aims to help students build a strong, supportive community, reduce stigmatization of mental health, raise awareness to the barriers that those with mental illnesses face on campus, provide strategies for self-care to maximize each individual's potential for success, and raise the quality of life for students living on and off campus.

Upcoming Events

Scavenger Hunt

When: TBD
Where: Queen's Park
What: TBD

Fall Bake Sale

When: TBD
Where: TBD
What: TBD

Community Dinner

When: TBD
Where: TBD
What: TBD